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Below you will find our list of some of The Richest Musician in the world at the present time. With some new names thrown in there alongside the classics we feel that this list is a true reflection of the current music world. Some of the Richest Musicians of all time can be seen in our selection of some of the finest names in show business. The order is based on a number of factors like current earning power, royalties and appearance fees.


The queen of pop is still at the top of our list. A mogul of fashion, music and occasionally film, madonna`s earning power is still staggering nearly 30 years after her first appearance for UK audiences. She is reported to earn around £80 million per year!

2. Paul McCartney

The main man from the Beatles is our current no 2. Evan after a nasty divorce from Heather Mills, Mr. Beatle can still match the young guns when it comes to sheer earning power. His back catalogue alone must be worth millions.

3. U2

Bono, the edge and the rest of U2 are another classic choice for us. They have been one of the top selling artists the past 20 years and have sold arenas everywhere.

4. Beyonce Knowles

Currently the youngest star in our selection, Beyonce is part of the big selling couple, alongside Jay Z. She really can do it all gaining plaudits as both a singer and an actress.

5. Bruce Springsteen

Mr Springsteen rocks our world and we are sure that he rocks your world too! Bruce sells out arenas around the world which is why he is number 5 in our rankings.

6. Coldplay

They ruled the 2000`s like no other British band and have gained a loyal fan base over the years. Their soft ballads have made them one of the richest bands in history.

7. Dr Dre

The doctor has had lots of hits but that is not what its all about for him. He is first and foremost a producer and that's still where he is making his money, alongside his range of headphones of course.

8. Dave Matthews Band

He is one of those musicians who makes far more from touring than from selling records, but when you tour like he does then its all OK! We love his band and the way they play together as a group!

9. AC/DC

The Goliath's of rock are still selling out venues across the globe and we are sure that as long as their backs hold out, they will be gigging! There is still a massive scene for this sort of music so they have a long career ahead of them as well.

10. Bon Jovi

The king of soft-heavy metal is still raking in the cash with his back catalogue of hits and chart topping albums. With no end in sight to this American idol we think he will be soft-rocking for a while to come.

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