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Classic post-hardcore / indie rock / noise thing

Guitarist, bassist, and drummer wanted! Bonus if you can do vocals too, heh, although it’s certainly not required (edited the ad because it was way too long originally).

Bottom line – I’m looking to get together a project in the vein of classic post-hardcore / hardcore, post-punk, noise rock, “classic” indie rock, maybe some space rock / shoegaze, etc (I’m not entirely sure!).

This will (initially) be an online collaboration with local musicians (please contact me for more details, so you can get a better idea of what I mean and why I’m doing this). I’ll play bass or guitar depending on the circumstance.

My particular influences for this project would be (in no particular order) artists like Slint, U.S. Maple, Drive Like Jehu, Hum, Dis-, Crain, Guzzard, Hammerhead (the North Dakota / Minnesota band), most Steve Albini stuff, Helmet, Shiner, the Jesus Lizard, Silent Majority, Brainiac, Centaur, yadda yadda yadda… That sort of thing. We’ll be making originals, I guess, but covers can be done for fun too.

If you’re interested, shoot me a message on here on send an email to (it’s a stupid name, I’m sorry). ANYONE is welcome to apply, so long as you ‘get’ the influences! I have a few more details to spare.

Thanks, and take care! ~J

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