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String quartet needed to record a demo

Is there somewhere in the world A STRING QUARTET who would be willing to record a demo for me? For a reasonable price.

I have a classical, intentionally traditional, very melodic composition (which I wrote for certain purpose needing this style) for string quartet, the duration of which is (ca.) 5 minutes 57 seconds. I need a demo, which wouldn’t have to be perfect, only lively. I believe enthusiastic, advanced music students or other relatively good non-professional string players could do the job. The piece is not very easy, but not very difficult, either.

I have the full score and all four instrument parts as PDF files, and a helpful MP3 audio demo. These would get you started.

This can also be seen as a nice opportunity for violin, viola and violoncello players needing some new experiences and wanting to have a new piece suitable for certain purposes in their repertoire.

Thank you so much.

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