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**WANTED** Musicians for HowTheLightGetsIn2018 London festival

The World’s Largest Philosophy and Music Festival HowTheLightGetsIn is coming to London September 22nd – 23rd!

We are looking for singer songwriters or bands to come and perform.

For more info about this amazing festival head to :

If you are interested in taking part please email:

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  1. Hey man, how are you? I`ve seen that you are looking for an experienced guitarist.
    I am a songwriter, guitarist and lead or backing vocalist, with over 20 years playing.
    I’m moving to England in November this year and I’m looking for gigs and friends to keep working when I get there.
    I’ll leave my contact here, with links to get to know my work, I hope you enjoy it, and we can do some shows or recordings together.
    Thank you my friend, cheers

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