If anyone here is looking to either form a band or just wants meet and play with lots of new musicians, we’re organizing a brand new type of event at Bally Studios, in Tottenham, North London, which is happening on Saturday 21st March, 2020. It’s a mix between 3-5 simultaneous Jam sessions happening at once in different studios within the same complex, and speed dating, where you pay £15 and get to play with between 12-29 different musicians over 4/5 hours. The first event is limited in numbers to 3 studios, 20 people and is 4 hours long, but future ones will have people swapping over between 5 different studios, with 29 places available over 5 hours. Nearly half of the spaces on the first event are nearly confirmed, (pending payments coming through) and we hope it will be all booked up soon. (I thought that it might be of interest to the people in this group, apologies to the admin if not.)

Cheers! 😃🥁🎸🎹

More info is on the following links: