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Looking for a Committed NON COVERS Ska/Punk/Rock band in Kent to join, Gig, Tour with ASAP. 

Inspired by (but not limited to) bands like NOFX, Good Charlotte, LTJ, RBF, T Alan, Teenage Bottle Rocket, Breaking Benjamin (to name a few). 

Like I said, I am Very Committed, been playing for over 13 Years. 

Available for Vox/Bass/Lead or Rhythm Guitar. Also a Committed Singer/Songwriter with a lot of material.

Based in Medway/Sittingbourne. 


Jazz Bass, Gretsch Short-Scale Bass, Tele Guitar, Custom Tele Guitar, Acoustic Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Carlsbro Gigging Bass Amp, Pedal Board, Leads, Microphone, essentials etc.

Message if interested. Cheers.

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