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Christian Musicians – Bass and Guitarists needed

Keeping it short I’m looking for musicians to join me and form a band. Already we have a keyboardist. The aim is to record at least a single and album in the new year. I have written so much music and I believe it’s the time to release it. I want to make so much more music and hopefully tour. I typically make indie/ alternative and contemporary gospel. If you are interested please get in touch so I can show you my style and you can show me yours.

Right now looking for particularly a bass player and guitarist. All that’s required is for you to have a love for Christ and a passion for music, a good ear would be ideal. As I will need you to just hear something and try and play with it or replicate it. As well improvise and bring your created ideas to the band.

Looking forward to hearing from you

God bless

Comments ( 4 )

  1. I’m a Worship leader looking to start worship team, I live in North East Uk
    Your welcome to Join the group i just started


  2. I`m a bassist who`s interested and have played in a full church band for 21 years, including including conventions . I`m reachable 07741708389.

  3. Hello my friend, I`m an interested bassist and also reachable on 07741708389.
    How do I reach you as well?

  4. Hello my friend, I`m interested and I play bass guitar. How do I reach you?
    My number is 07741708389

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