Hi my name is john I am a 46 year old drummer based in Southampton. I am looking for like minded musicians to start a band or develop a project which hopefully will result in some good eclectic tunes that people will have a good bounce about too.

I have been in several gigging bands ranging from acoustic folk/ punk to heavy rock/ grunge and recently an anthemic punk project.

My influences are wide ranging and include nick cave, talking heads, ramones, Smashing Pumkins, Senser, Beach House, Kings of Leon, The Eels, Foofighter Asian Dub Foundation, Prodigy , the Clash. Vaguer influences are rock, dub, reggae, Ska music, the list is endless

I have acoustic drums, electric too and play Bhodran and some percussion.

If you are reading this and interested in talking some more give me a shout.