Good luck to every performer/artist for 2016!

I’m putting together a movement for 2016 , trying to bring live musicians together with the best dj’s/digital performers we can find to create a unique show/experience.

Some great artists are involved with a vast array of musical styles and talents, it’s becoming a very productive hub of uk based musicians collaborating on projects.

It’s all about the music and making something new, when did you last see a Dj set with live vocals, percussion, string and horn sections all playing together like a band ?

Would you like to be involved ?

Everyone can contribute, we are organizing events/platforms nationwide for people to perform live, through the internet we can collaborate on tracks ,swap samples,remix,master etc. Even if it’s just listening and giving feedback or ideas, your involved

artists ep’s starting 2016 From Acoustic guitar to xylophone music were interested.

Feel free to get in touch with any ideas thoughts or feedback.

Best Regards



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