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Tech-Metal Drummer Seeks Established Band

I am an 18 year old drummer specialising in Tech/Prog Metal, I’ve been playing for 6 years and am grade 8 in my instrument. I am looking for an already established band, preferably under professional artist management as I have been messed around by many and I’m looking for something more serious. Thank you

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  1. Hey man, not sure if you’re still looking, but my fairly technical blackened metal band just lost our drummer, soundcloud and facebook links below. BTW where are you based?

  2. How do I contact you?


  3. tid

    Hey dude, you might wanna add where your based, if you have transport and or prepared to travel and most importantly links to demo’s if you want to go pro. Also include your influences, past experience…shows etc, your gear (is it pro,) and if it’s metal – whether you play double pedals is a clincher.
    Not trying to be a pain, but your’ll attract more attention with the right info.

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