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Fairly new singer with some experience looking for local musicians to work with. Genre preferences are BlueGrass and Acoustic Rock

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  1. Hi there,

    I can write a lot of things, but before I do it, just want to know are you interesting about it or not.
    I am a music composer, a song writer, a music creator, someone who make melodic noise from the silence.
    I’m looking for some vocalist to make a project or some song together. Doesn’t matter where you live or work or want to make a band. I make a song and you sing it. After it, you get a music with your voice, and I get a music with vocal. After the first song we can work together, and apply some contest.
    Thinking about it.

    I think it is a very simple way to get an original own song/songs.
    Check my songs (of course just a reference) on

    I can make a lot of different style. From rock to pop, from R’n’B to folk, country, electro, etc.



  2. My name is Poul, I’m 32 years old and looking for sombody with whom I could play music. I’m singer, and i can sing also high and very low voice. I can play on guitar, piano and compose too. I like pop, rock, indie rock, jazz. I want to create something special. Regards

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