We are 5 piece Americana-esque, pop-rock band – playing London bar circuit, small festivals etc.
We are now looking for a tight drummer with feel to replace our excellent current cajon/percussionist who is sadly relocating to Amsterdam.
We need someone who is happy to play with a small, portable (snare or cocktail size) kit & who is comfortable with using brushes etc. (think Fleet Foxes, Dry the River etc).

we are a mixed band & need someone who is fun, easy going, low on ego as well as experienced & likes to contribute creatively.
Please have a listen soundcloud.com/colourhouse/ or check our website: colourhouseband.co.uk FB etc

we do get some paid gigs but this is NOT one for session drummers pls- only those who want to be part of a keen, amateur band. thanks : )

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