I’m a 33 year old London based male singer. Have had (and lost!) various record deals over the years and have sung on various contracts throughout Asia and the US.

I got a ‘real’ job 5 years ago but would love to find an awesome guitarist to form a duo with the view of securing some weekly paid gigs around London.  Nothing too crazy, a nice wine bar where we can park up in the corner and sing through some nice acoustic versions of whatever pop hits happen to be popping at the time! I’m a tenor but will happily sing anything – from Bieber to Kings Of Leon, I’ll give it all a go. Have made a little playlist on Spotify of the kind of thing I was thinking:

Would be great if you could sing BV’s/basic harmonies too but that’s a bonus.

Drop me a message if you’re interested! I’m happy to pay for rehearsal space and to do all the hustling to secure the gigs!





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