Two projects require musicians and singers, one being a function band with a twist and the aim to be the best function band in… the world!! A lots of fun project, I require a female vocalist, a drummer, a bass player and a keyboard player. Genders must be mixed (overall, not just your own) and rehearsals will take pace locally (MK, Leighton Buzzard, Luton, wherever). The repertoire will include pop, rock, disco, soul and more, all hits, medleys and mash ups, from the 60s to right now! Any brass players feel free to get involved as there will be a larger band option too.

Band number two almost have a name – The Originals, Original Sin, Back To The Start, something like that. This is because the whole aim is to play songs that were made famous by one artist, but originally written or recorded by another. More of a show than a club band, the sets will be more rigid with talk in between about the artists involved. Doing songs in their original style will surprise people while still being familiar enough to sing along. Pretty much the same line-up will be required, a female counter part for me would be useful. The same musicians can be in both bands obviously.

Please share if you know someone who wants to play pop, have a laugh and make some money. Mostly have a laugh.

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