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Basser, drummer needed for rock band

Drummer, and bass player needed for a 4 piece band. We are 2 songwriter/guitarist located in south London. We have been playing for over 10years, and we want to take this to the stage, with 2 talented musician mates. We want to make something unique, new, although I wouldnt mind play some covers, as respect for the great musicians. The main influences coming from psychedelic rock, indie, but we are very open minded. The right candidate between 20-30years old(male/female), open minded, friendly, experience on stage is not necessary, if you can play great, thats enough. We can practice in our place, where we can provide drums, and other studio equipment. It is located in Battersea, and we would love to play at least 1-2times a week. There are plenty of open mic, where we can go as first stage.
Looking forward to hear from you,

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