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calling female singers/musicians 50+

Hi I’m Ann, 62, from Northants, I have a passion for Irish music and want to set up a female only traditional Irish folk group-over 50’s if possible!Contact me if interested!

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  1. Chris Mottram-Wooster
    May 1, 2013 at 12:15 am

    Hi, I am a bass guitar player, am female, over 60, a little over my fightong weight (!!) and I play for lots of different bands playing folk, ceilidh/barn dance, rock n roll, jazz, blues etc. I work as a musician, and have been gigging since 1980. I am not looking for a rehearal only band, as I do need to make a living but if you find yourself in need of a bass player for a paid gig do contact me. I can work from chord charts easily and have a good ear. I have good equipment and am in Leighton Buzzard so I can travel up the M1 no problem.
    Please contact me at or 07804140606

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