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Christian musicians wanted

A Christian singer is looking for bassists, guitarists, pianists, drummers and violinists (similar string instrument players) for ep and performances.

Must be Christians-this is a necessity

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  1. Experienced Christian bass player available. Based Chelmsford, mid-Essex.

  2. Experienced bass player available (committed christian) based in Coventry.

  3. Hi guys thanks for replying. I’m based in West Yorkshire. Is this problematic for either of you???


  4. Would be about 2 and half hour drive for me..
    Its absolutely do-able

  5. Hi Nichole
    Did you track down the people you needed?

  6. Hi Nichole
    I am a committed Christian,don’t know if I can help but I’m a drummer, vocalist and writer, that said I’m not terribly local. It looks like you are facing exactly the same problems as I am. What do you need?

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