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Designer for your Album/Cover/Logo/Poster/Branding AND MORE!

Hi ,

Have a nice day 🙂

I’m Nikiyo, an experienced, multi-disciplinary Independent creative designer, producing a diverse range of work across multiple disciplines. Specializing in concept, strategy and design.

I love music and always passion for design CD Album,Cover,logo,poster,branding, and more visual creative design. So now I want to go deeper and work with musicians/bands/labels/independent studios.

Some of my portfolio:
Various Graphic Design:
Market Material Design:

I’m extremely flexible to adopt different design, with diverse range of design style, so I don’t have a very solid style, I can work dependent on project and clients need. I work independently, from initial concept to completion. No matter what kinds of style such like retro,illustration,graphics,visual-mix/collage, both I can work well.

As you know, if we say your face represent yourself, then the cover/album represent your music, and the music is your baby,your soul! The cover art good or not will definitely effect album’s selling. This is also the most important way to express your value,your ideas,your world directly in a first time.
Think about it, how attractive and unique that album cover can make you outstanding?!

As a professional designer I only provide high-quality original creative work. However please let me know if you’re interested, more details we can discuss.

My skype: nikiyo-studio
My email:

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