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Drummer & bassist needed for an alt/punk/grunge rockband

Think of Nirvana meets IDLES meets Black Sabbath three piece rock band.

Original songs and some covers. Songs should be catchy for commercial appeal

I have around 20 songs already written and need input from a drummer and a bassist

Anyone is welcomed to sing and write songs.

I am a uni student looking for a serious and fun band to gig around with, write songs and see where it goes.

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  1. Hey John,

    What area of the UK are you located in? Could definitely be interested if you are London based.

  2. Hey man, bassist here, let’s have a chat, I’d love to hear your stuff. I don’t have much experience gigging, because I’m a filmmaker and never really had time to get a band together but I’ve been playing forever and would love to start! Let me know if it interests you and we can jam without any obligation.

  3. I play bass, contact me!

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