Hello, I’m looking for a new drummer for my band (Nano). It’s a alt/heavy/prog rock originals band (similar to Muse, Radiohead, Queens Of The Stone Age). Four of our songs can be listened to at this link http://www.nanothebanduk.com/discography/alpha/

Here’s what we’re looking for:

Must be at least 18 (or will be within the coming months)

Be able to play complex parts: (time signatures varying bar to bar in songs, fast, demanding parts in a lot of songs etc.)

Be independent

Must be able to get to and from important events such as gigs, rehearsals, interviews, photoshoots, meetings etc. (preferably by being able to drive, but not a must)

Must be able to transport kit to and from places where needed

Preferably live in or close to the Sutton/Morden/Wimbledon area

You can listen to four of our tracks here- http://www.nanotheba…cography/alpha/ to get an idea of what kind of band we are!

I can be contacted at steo.cliftmusic@gmail.com or on here!

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