I am a 31 year old drummer from Brentwood. I have been playing for 18 years in many different bands with varying styles. I have all my own gear and transport and have a lot of live experience.

I am looking to start a new project concentrating mainly on up to date contemporary tracks with a creative and energetic twist. I’m looking for people who are open to trying tracks most of the usual cover bands shy away from, and making them our own. I feel there is a growing audience for this sort of stuff and I’ve had some success in the past with these type of songs.

I have some live drumming clips and drum covers here…


Age range would ideally be 18 to around late 30’s, If it sounds like something you’re looking for feel free to message me here or e-mail me at richarddellow@hotmail.co.uk or alternatively phone me on 07854565044 (you can call, but I drive all day so may not answer first time, you can also text or leave a message).



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