We are a band of mature ex pro,s. The standard is good and we have a show that is almost ready but unfortunately we have just lost our drummer!
We are at present doing a mixture of original and covers, some of the covers are:

SYMPATHY FOR THE DEVIL- the rolling stones
KARN EVIL 9- elp
SWEET JANE- (live version) lou reed
PSYCHO KILLER- talking heads
MAN OF THE WORLD- Fleetwood mac….. to name a few.

Band is THE HOOD     2 x guitar, bass, drums, keyboards

We all have top gear and a 4k pa rig, plus a light show.
The project was put together to enable us to explore our own original stuff, but obviously there will always be room for some tasteful and unusual covers.

Almost ready to gig, “JUST NEED A STICK MAN”.

If you are interested then please contact us and we can arrange a meet. cheers. Paul

tel: 07799 051212 for Paul or 01522 539730 for Danny (or of course leave a message)

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