We are a band who has already made a mark with an album and a number of singles releases. The band has always been flexible. There are currently two main core members, the founder member who is an established songwriter/producer & punk cellist plus a multi instrumentalist. We are looking for a number of new members. A female vocalist, A sax player & trumpet player, drummer, bass & keyboards & Cello player.
Now is a great time to join the band as we are currently writing and recording our new album that will be released. We are also recording another exciting project but keep getting asked to pay live but it’s tricky with only two of us hence why we think it’s time to finally get new members who can contribute to recordings and play live with a view to becoming permanent members.
The style of music we play is the innovative Pop Noir style (Jazz/punk attitude, Classical ambience, Hypnotic grooves, sexy or gritty lyrics and a filmic feel)
So the good thing is it’s not a long slog from scratch but and ongoing opportunity.
Please email with a few details about yourself & photo and a link to somethink to hear you on.

Thanks PH