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Established band seeks world-class blues guitarist

WE’RE a very well-established blues band, with a nationwide reputation, a seven-year track record, internationally-acclaimed CDs and some great gigs on the book for 2017. We’re looking for a brilliant new guitarist to take over when our current guy moves on to pastures new this summer.

What we need is a stunning, tasteful player with a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of blues – from pre-war acoustic country blues, through the classic Chicago blues repertoire, to cutting-edge contemporary blues. Someone who truly appreciates what NOT to play as much as what to play and knows how to play for the song, rather than regarding songs as mere vehicles for soloing. You’ll also have a true appreciation of dynamics and enjoy letting songs “breathe” live, rather than always sticking to a rigid format.

We’re looking for a guitarist as good at slide (open-tuned and standard tuning) as at normal playing, has good, reliable, gear and transport, robust good health and the commitment required to play regular gigs all over the country. Backing vocals would be useful, and if you can contribute to songwriting, better still.

What we’re NOT looking for is any kind of blues-rocker, so Hendrix/SRV/Bonamassa/Gary Moore clones, please stop reading now! The music we love is Howlin’ Wolf, Muddy Waters, Hound Dog Taylor, Taj Mahal, the Fabulous Thunderbirds, Johnny Winter, Luther Allison, Gary Clark Jr, early Sonny Landreth, Derek Trucks, the Red Devils, SPIKEdrivers…stuff with a groove, passion, feel and dynamics.

Above all, you’ll be honest, considerate and fit in socially with the rest of us – not that we’re all that hard to get along with. Promise!

Our current guitarist has agreed to honour our gigs until the end of June, so the plan is to rehearse with the new person so they’re ready to take over in July. If you’re ready before then, then so well and good. On the whole, we’re not all that big on rehearsals, so once you’re comfortable with the set, it’ll just be the occasional practice to work up new songs.

On some gigs we earn pretty reasonable money, on others not so much – if you’ve played on the blues scene for long you’ll know what we’re saying. But one way or another, you’ll get your fair share of whatever’s going, without ever being asked to chip in for rehearsals, recording sessions, or CD production.

Sounds like a tall order? Well, it is. You’ll have some big boots to fill, but if we haven’t managed to put you off yet, please get in touch!

Comments ( 9 )

  1. Hi Chris,
    Thanks for the interest. No, unfortunately we’ve ended up deciding to wind the band down. We’ll probably still play the odd festival and club gig if the money’s right, but that’ll be it for the time being. I’m looking to put a new band together though, so watch this space if you’re interested in making a great, bluesy noises in the future!

  2. Hi.

    Touring guitarist of 12 years.
    Are you still looking for a guitarist?


  3. Hi, my name is Justin and I’ve been playing for 30 years. Whilst I’ve played in a variety of genres of bands over the years and in a variety of venues and studios big and small. I started off playing in Big Bands and Blues Bands have always kept blues at the heart of what I do. I have continued to attend blues jams and bring the ethos of a breathing show to each band I’ve been involved in, as to me a live performance is unique to every night and depends upon the collective (good) moods of the band and audience. I own all the right gear which is a mixture of vintage and new, own a VW Camper (new engine!) and have a clean current driving licence. I could waffle on about influences etc but suffice to say I like where you’re coming from. I can play slide in both open and standard tunings too. Attached below are some links to what I do. The first two are self-penned home demos with me singing and the third is a link to heavier stuff I’ve done. I know this isn’t what you’re after so don’t worry I’ll leave the wah and fuzz at home. I only include it as I thought you might like to see what I can do in the studio in one live take “Skymaker” and the vibe of “Nothing Pretty” shows of another side to my playing. If you like you can also check out some live heavy stuff on YouTube by following the links from this third link. I live very near to J23 of the M25 if you think this might work please get in touch.

  4. Hi, I’ve been playing for 30 years now and whilst I’ve played a variety of styles in many bands I have always played blues in side projects, blues jams and at home. Unfortunately most of what I have online is exactly what you don’t want so I want to say that I completely understand how to not play like that and just listen to the band and let it breathe. My gear is a tip top mixture of vintage and new and I have a VW camper and a clean driving licence too. I’ve always dabbled in open tuned slide guitar and last year finally bought myself a Gretsch Resonator to add to my collection so now feel confident in playing both acoustic and electric slide blues. For a few examples of my playing please follow these links… the first two are self penned home demos and the last one I’d suggest listening to “Skymaker” & “Nothing Pretty” although they are quite heavy. Please also feel free to look around on the YouTube links to check out some videos of me playing the heavy stuff live.

    I’m based just off J23 on the M25 so perhaps this is not too far for meeting and rehearsing.

  5. Cheers Matt! Good luck, if you’re still looking for a gig, my friend!

  6. Hi I’m very interested in this and extremely well versed within the blues tradition,would be great to have a chat.
    Drop me a line on ‭‭+44 7554 336051‬‬ or email

  7. Hi Matt!
    Thanks for getting in touch. We’re based in Essex, but gig all over the UK and are currently looking for gigs in continental Europe, too. Ideally, I guess we’re looking for someone reasonably close to hand – ie Essex, Kent, Suffolk or the eastern side of London.
    We’d love to see and hear some examples of you playing, please. Do you have any Youtube/Soundcloud links you could post please?

  8. Hi
    Where are you based – I’m interested!? I’ve been playing blues for 20+ years, both electric and acoustic, influences are mostly what you put in the ad (I can sing a fair Howlin’ Wolf too..!) plus some Robert Johnson, Son House and a bit of Hill Country/Delta blues thrown in…

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