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Female multi-instrumentalist required for wedding band

we’ve been working on covers of 70s/ 80s rock and indie songs and both play: guitar (electric and acoustic), mandolin, ukulele, bass, and piano. We’re looking for a third woman to join us: you could be a great guitar / piano player who plays another one of the instruments mentioned, so we could swap between them, for example! Instruments we are less competent in are: bass and mandolin, so it would be great if you’re especially good at either of those. We’ve both been independently in bands (Alex in a bluegrass band and I was in a band in Berlin, performing my own stuff, as well as doing some noise music too) and thought this would be a fun project. We’ve already done a couple of gigs, but looking to find another women to join us! Hope to hear from you! We’re based in Ushaw moor, Durham.

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