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Forming pro duo/trio.

Any singers/guitarists want to form a professional duo/trio with a keyboard player/backing vocalist to make some dosh?
I can provide all the equipment if you can provide the contacts.
Can be based anywhere in the UK.
Please contact me if interested.

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  1. Hello,

    I’m Hetty and I’m a singer/songwriter looking for exactly this type of thing. Having recently moved back to London I am looking to join a group to make original material. Are you the keys player? Do you know how to produce as well? I would love to record some material and also to get gigging. I can send you recordings of me singing if you’re interested. It would be great if you could send me anything you may have recorded too?


  2. Hi im a jazz guitar player from kettering
    I’m looking for a keybord player
    To estabilish a duo or trio band.I’m waiting news

  3. Hi Daniel,
    I’m a Jazz/Swing singer and am also looking to form a band with the aim to get regular paid gigs. I am based in London and willing to travel. I also have some contacts with companies that supply bands for events.
    Please view my soundcloud to get an idea of what I’m currently doing:

  4. Yes i do, i sing and play guitar. based in leyton london
    im currently running an orgnials project but i need some dosh and would be interested.

  5. I have jazz/ newsoul / hiphop sound to my voice =)

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