Hi guys,

The Rhubarb Triangle are looking for a new guitarist… Were a Psychedelic / Garage / Experimental group, with a heavy emphasis on effects etc etc – If you know these genres I’m sure you know the sound!

Were originally from Leeds, and unfortunately our guitarist isn’t prepared to move down like we did. This is a BIG issue, as we can’t practice, can’t gig etc etc… and quite frankly I’m getting pretty depressed about it!

What’s making this even worse is our debut 7″ single got released last month (which is available to buy In Rough Trade amongst other shops), and has received really good reviews… were even getting a very favorable review in the upcoming edition of Shindig! magazine, which is very big news for us. The problem now is we can’t do any gigs in promotion of it, and with all this current buzz about the 7″ we can’t progress any further.

So, we are in DESPERATE need for a new, like-minded guitarist… one that has a live experience, knows his (or her) effects pedals and isn’t afraid to contribute to some backing vocals. We practice in Bethnal Green, and want to get going again ASAP – you can check out a couple of tracks via the link below:


All the best,


the rhubarb triangle