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Guitarist seeks other for Tool/Zeppelin type band

Experienced Guitarist seeking other likeminded individuals to start an intelligent hard rock/ grunge bluesy progressive band. Also happy to considering joining any existing group with similar drive.

Happy explore sounds in an heavy/industrial/riffy/grunge direction either as a straight rock band or with electronic elements.

Me- Guitar playing very riff orientated, bluesy feel, apreggios, not a technical player/not a shredder. Think Iommi, Page, Morello. Lots of riffs, lots of lyrics but I need help structuring and phrasing.

Seeking a Singer (Not a screamer thanks), bassist, drummer and other musicians who can add something

Influences: Tool, Rage Against the Machine, Smashing Pumpkins, Led Zeppelin, Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, Perfect Circle, Black Sabbath, NIN, Qotsa, Kyuss, Sleep, Rammstein, White Zombie, Joy Division

Age- Open but I’m mid thirties

Looking to write songs collectively with an aim to produce an album and gig eventually- Under no time constraints or pressure for success. Interest in the creative process and generating something exciting is most important.

Aim to base the band in South Manchester/North Cheshire

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  1. Im also a guitaris an Im intrested in what you have in mind.

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