I am looking for competent, quick and experienced guitarist who is versatile and able to work in the studio and also live. I am a singer songwriter who is working on new music and would like to build a relationship with a guitarist in the local area who could come to my studio on a semi-regular basis to record and in the new year I’ll be looking to do do gigs/showcases.

My influences being a piano player are the like of Elton and Kate Bush but also so Ryx, Bon Iver, Daft Punk, Eurythmics, The Killers and electronic music in general. I’m looking for a guitarist who can cross genres on acoustic and electric guitar and is a strong accompanist.

Ideally you would need to be based in (South… would be amazing) London with no plans to to be away for any lenght of time in the immediate future.

This would be paid work which we would discuss and initially it would probably involve meeting up once a week to record at my studio in Stockwell well.

If you are able to play any other instruments or sing this would be a great bonus. I am looking for someone to get involved in the arrangement of my songs from a guitar perspective. I tend to write quite commercial melodic pop music of a sophisticated nature, but I also like to add a layer of something quirky and unusual to lift it out from being too obvious.

If you feel you could fit into this, please get in touch I’d love to hear from you! I’m pretty good fun and very driven once the momentum gets going.