AUTO REVERSE is currently looking for a singer/frontman.

We are a 5-piece band consisting in two guitars, bass, drummer and singer on a professional level for covers.

Some of our influences are: Whitesnake, Deep Purple, The Cult, Aerosmith, Skid Row, Mr. Big, Black Crowes, Winger, Black Sabbath, Billy Idol and on…

We rehearse every other Tuesday in Woking (The Waterrat Studios) and gig at least once a month.

Below are some songs we have on our set list:

Lenny Kravitz – Always On The Run
The Cult – Fire Woman
Aerosmith – Eat The Rich
Black Crowes – Remedy
Whitesnake – Give Me All Your Love
Gun – Word Up
Billy Idol – Rebel Yell
Skid Row – Youth Gone Wild

If you are interested, please give us a ring on 07826810134 or email us on



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