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HELP. Record deal SCAM or NOT?

Hey guys.
basically I got offered a record deal and it seems too good to be true and I am wondering if it is a scam or not. They have not asked me anything in return(money,bank info etc) and they just want to finance me and my music to promote and possibly get a profit in the future. Everything seems legit it’s just the money is quite big (well not too big but “i have not seen so much money together” big) and also they said I will be the first one signed on this label as they are new. the only thing that bothers me is that I have not seen anyone properly, googled and facebooked the name of the owner who is communicating with me and got no proper profiles. which is very weird.
so just advice me what to ask or what to do or what to look at to find out if they are legit or not.

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  1. Yeah I am pretty sure it’s a scam will see my lawyer today and go through the contract. I have told them I will see my lawyer and they were ok with it. it’s weird.

    Brian, everything sounded good except they said that I would be the first signed artist to their label, which is very suspicious. also only info I have is the business registration number which is not enough for a legitimate label.

    I want to expose them somehow…

  2. I work within the industry and know most labels. This doesn’t seem like a scam if they ent asking for money from you. they must like your talent. Only thing is don’t sign to much away, ie years , albums, songs. Keep it all low.
    Who is the label? I might have heard about them.

  3. Avatar photo

    When it it seems too good to be true it usually is. I would be very cautious.

  4. UPDATE: I have asked them to show something that will make me identify them and they sent me the Business entity number, registration number and all the legal stuff that the Label is real. I have searched those numbers and it is truly registered under the same name as someone who is communicating with me. good I guess…

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