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Jazz drummer in London looking for band / musicians

My name is Chris.
I am a 39 years old experienced jazz drummer based in London.
I am collaborating at the moment with a couple of musicians, but really what I am looking for is to find a bunch of creative musicians for serious jazz project EITHER an already existing on going band (either original material or cover songs…but providing it s done properly)…or to be done from start.
In terms of drumming technique my main influence is the early type of jazz drumming (with frequent use of additional percussion such as cowbell, wood block, temple block, ratchet and others) and others such as Swing and Afro-Latin “tribal” all mixed in a rather “unusual” and “unhorthodox” modern blend.
I have a few videos from recent gigs and a couple of more, just messing about with my kit, but that should give you an idea of how my vision of rhythm is but most importantly, the approach I have in regards to tempo.
I have my own equipment and transport.
I am looking for serious, yet creative individuals ONLY !

If you are interested or looking for a drummer get in touch with me.


Chris 07975649284

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  1. Hey Chris, I know your post is a couple months old but I’m a sax player from Canada currently studying in London. I’ve been trying to find people to play within the jazz scene here. I’ve been working on new material for an album I want to record when I go back, mainly all lead sheet style. I’m particularly into hard bop (I love Cannonball) and the New Orleans vibe.
    Let me know if you want a sax player!


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