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Bassist Looking for Prog/Metal Band

Hey all

I’m a bass player looking for a hard hitting rock/metal band who are looking for someone to complete their rhythm section. My main influences are modern metal/prog players from the likes of Justin Chancellor, John Stockman, Amos Williams and Adam ‘Nolly’ Get Good. I can play both with a plectrum and with fingers, depending on what the song needs.

I have two Ibanez basses, I have a GSR200B 4 string bass, which I tend to tune to Drop C/C Standard and an Ibanez SR504EQM 5 string bass, which I usually have tuned to either B standard, or Drop A. My pedalboard consists of a Darkglass Super Symmetry compressor to keep a handle on the dynamics of the bass tone. For pre-amp/distortion, I use a Darkglass Alpha Omega Ultra.

I’m easy when it comes to meeting up and rehearsing. I am in a rock covers band I practice with every Wednesday, but every other day of the week, I am generally able to practice. I have a steady 9-5 job and have no problems coming to practice straight from work.

Looking for any kind of hard hitting band, be it covers or original; I’m happy to contribute to writing if that is the case. I’m a pretty quick learner for new tracks, and can pick up lots playing by ear.

If you are also lacking a drummer, a friend of mine is a very talented drummer and we always lock in well together as a rhythm section.

Feel free to message me and we’ll swap contact details to chat over WhatsApp, or over the phone.


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