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My name is Emma Stevenson, and I’m a jazz singer/songwriter who has been living in London for the past year. I’m here to slowly work my way onto the Jazz and Cabaret circuit. I’ve been performing for the past ten years, and have finally perfected my sound, my look and my persona. I’ve been touring around the country with Weddings and Festivals, just me and my laptop, but now I want to start working with real musicians who are as passionate and crazy as me!

I’m looking to form a small jazz band that are willing to perform sultry jazz classics and modern covers with a twist. Preferably a pianist, double bass player and drummer, but anything else in between is good (I just want to get out there and do it!) I’m looking for people who love what they do and don’t mind if money isn’t on offer (however, paid opportunities are definitely a goal)

Below are some links to my music pages for you to listen to and see if you think we’d be a suitable musical match.


Hoping to hear from you,

Emma Stevenson Uk

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