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Keyboard Synthesiser Player

Keyboard Synthesiser Player

A UK based Heavy Rock, Heavy Metal band require an experienced, seasoned and creatively understanding keyboard synthesiser player.

This is a new project of nine to ten songs and is to be worked up for eventual finished recording. After auditions the successful ‘Keyboard Synthesiser Player’ will be expected to take part in rehearsals, in person, and in one’s own time, this will then lead to preproduction and demos recorded, of which will be sent to already prearranged music industry personnel working with and on behalf of the band for review, after which the finished recording will take place.

The ideal keyboard synthesiser player for this new project would follow along in similar lines to Neil Carter, of UFO, or in the same vein as Christian Lorenz of Rammstein. The overall feel and thinking from the keyboard synthesiser player would be to have similar values as to the way Kingdom Come set out their songs.

The keyboard synthesiser player would be expected to be musically and technically gifted, to be openly creative and forward-thinking with positive ideas, to have a good ear for the formatting and contributing to commercial songwriting, and a good understanding as to what is expected of them within the recording process.


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