We are after a Lead Guitar player to join us in our electronic-poprock/indie fusion band.

A connection with the vision is very important, so please visit our website first [tall-trees-rising.co.uk]. Please read our statement “Our Call” and if after doing so feel this band may be for you, then get in touch!

Every 6 weeks on average we have a team day, where we tend to meet in Cheltenham. Food, drink and studio hire are all covered by TTR (occasionally travel costs).

We have two location bases: Base 1: Cheshire; Base 2: Bristol.
We have a booking agent with paid appointments now coming in as of this year. Expenses are paid to gigs and we are beginning to see extra, though at present the rate varies.

We are made up of two drummers, a bass/sampler player, rhythm guitarist, lead vocalist, a guest pianist and guest vocalist (they are not able to join us for extensive travelling to gigs at present)

You will play for both styles we cover, working closely with Konnekta for the electronic music and with lead singer and band leader Tracey for the poprock/indie side.

We have one album so far, released Nov 2010 and we are performing tracks from this album as well as beginning to look at new ones. This means there are parts to learn as well as contributing ideas to new tracks.

Preferably, you will be at the top end of intermediate, into Expert.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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