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Lead singer seeking musicians!

Hi there,

I have just got back from performing as lead vocalist on a cruise ship and am now looking to gig possibly as a duo (other person to play acoustic guitar and sing) or to put together a function party band which I can front as a singer. Would anyone be interested in partnering up with me so we can set out to do some gigs? I am based in South West London and have my own car, also have access to speakers, mics etc. I have previously gigged around pubs but only as a solo singer using backing tracks and I would personally rather work with a guitarist or band. Please get in touch if this is something that would interest you or you know someone who is looking for a singer. My email is

Thank you in advance!!


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  1. Hi Leona I already have a function band in place and am looking for a lead female
    Vocalist I will be auditioning soon please let me know if you are interested x

  2. Thank you Simon, yes I would definitely be interested please could you email me the details on

    Thanks! 🙂

  3. H, Bass player available, own car and pro gear. Ciao

  4. Guitarist interested. West London based with transport

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