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Liverpool-based songwriter looking for musicians (60s/70s/psychedelia)

Liverpool-based songwriter looking for musicians to perform at open mics in NW/Yorkshire, with a view to eventual full gigs.
I’m 40 years old and have 2 decades of experience, having been part of the bustling 00s Leeds music scene, as well as playing with African musicians (Congolese rumba) and skank guitar in a reggae band while living in Senegal, and jamming on the squares of Granada, Spain with street musicians.
As regards my songwriting style, melody, harmony and lyrics are key. I’m largely influenced by 60s and 70s British songwriting and classic rock (Floyd, Kinks), as well as stuff like Love and Hendrix, and some 90s bands (Blur, Stone Roses).
I’m also into electronic beats and love the idea of combining techno or acid house synth vibes with acoustic music.
I certainly feel like melody takes a back seat in the music of today, and has been lost due to the pressures of using tricks to grab listeners’ attention above the buzz of social media.
I would like to make something new and fresh but retaining the quality of melody and harmony of the timeless songs created during rock’s golden age.

For a flavour of my songwriting, take a listen to

or Roguish Stranger “Safe as Houses LS6” on Spotify/YouTube

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