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Looking for a guitarist for folky/country set up

I’m a singer songwriter based in Manchester.

Looking for predominantly a guitarist to begin, to play some folky/country style material (if you can harmonise with me even better), have originals & would like to write more together. Looking to potentially perform later down the line. Here’s my soundcloud for reference: – please message me if you’re interested

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  1. Hi,
    I’m Ashour. Based in Manchester M40
    Check this video out and then get back to me because I don’t like to talk more. ( fingerstyle guitarist )
    I liked your voice anyway.. keep going

  2. I’m Gary, based in Eccles. I play 12 and 6 string mainly folk and some classical. Also do vocals. Drawback _ I’m in my 60s. Would, however, like to bet back into ensemble playing. Used to front for Mountain Folk in Cyprus.

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