Hello all, I’m a 24-year-old professional singer looking to put together a male vocal cover group, similar in sound to the Crew Cuts, Ames Brothers, etc. Very 1940s/50s feel, I’m not interested in trying to bring any 21st century modern twists to it! I’m based in South Buckinghamshire, so looking for singers around that area, although we’d be looking for gigs in London so if you’re in the city that’s great as well. I’m probably looking for about three other singers, mainly harmony with myself doing some solo bits, but there may be opportunities for others to have some solo parts as well. Playing an instrument isn’t vital, as we can always work with backing tracks—I know someone who makes fabulous tracks. But if you do play instruments then it might work out that we don’t need backing tracks. I’m a pretty good pianist myself. But singing is the main thing! Age: 18-30