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LOOKING FOR MUSICIANS TO PLAY WITH and possibly create a band

Hi! You probably don’t know me. But basically, I am looking for some musicians in order to create a band. Although I haven’t yet published nothing too relevant, I am highly passionate about creating music. And I definitely aim to create a band, with people that have the same passion for music and creativity, but who do not necessarily need to have the same musical tastes as me. Since having a band is all about communication, if anyone is interested I don’t mind to meet you up first just to check. But please feel free to let me know if you are interested. Although I play violin and piano, in a band I would like to focus on my singing and songwriting, which means I am looking for someone who plays piano, bass, drums, or any other instrument that might work in a band.
Musical isnpirations= Bjork, Jeff Buckley, Nick Drake, Radiohead, Matt Corby, Laura Marling, Pearl Jam, Ben Howard, and a lot more.

contact me if you want further information. Also I in London and often in Egham (near Richmond)

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  1. hello..i m marian i have a 19 years old and im a good piano / keyboard player me 07405829604

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