Hi, My name’s Frankie i’m 29 and have been a musician for forever (since I was 8).

I play guitar and write a lot, I used to play in a percussive acoustic guitar duo called The Lone Pepper Duo and we gigged regularly and extensively for 7 years…

I broke it off to travel the world with someone… which obviously went catastrophically wrong.

My whole life I’ve wanted to make a huge band – a fantastic sound (think balkan gypsy, punky, manouche folk. Charismatic, energetic and loudddd)… play festivals and shows around the world… and honestly… that’s all starting now. Right here.

The past 7 months I lived in Australia. I saw many street performers pass through and it’s inspired me to do the same but in the old continent. I worked hard enough to get a small VW van here in UK which i’m trying to kit out minimalist style… it’ll fit 3 cosy cosy or 2 of us just fine. I had a clarinet/recorder/bass playing girl who I used to know signed up for the idea until this evening – but she just had to back out a teeny bit (this evening) because she has too many ties in London to commit really (a flat and kittens and another band which she manages) but she was super keen for this whole month. I’m a bit gutted actually.

She was a bit gutted too tbh but keen to go all in when we make a bigger band and has a lot of contacts for other players (sax + electronics) but maybe not so much for the summer plan…

which is street performing. Day and night. Travelling around, camping and seeing the UK, Holland, Germany, France, Spain, wherever the wind blows us over really. We can plan it, make some monies and get it together. Get shows booked and keep going and do festivals next year. I’m a super easy going chap, friendly and verging on a bit hippyish (but not hippy enough to be fully aligning my chakras so my third eye beams golden rainbows). I’m focused and driven and willing to make this work whatever it takes. Basically i’m doing it whether there’s anyone else involved or not. I’d just prefer it if there was. Music’s more fun when you do it with someone else.

Any kind of interest hit me up, I’ll link you in my social media accounts, give ya my phone number, we can chat, meet up, work it out. I need someone that’s INTO it though. Willing to put some time into making this work. Ultimately time is all I need from ya. Time… and musical skill is a preference but I’m keen to put that together on the street.

Thanks for reading. Don’t hesitate to get in touch. Try me!