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metal in london/essex/kent

I am looking to form a band.
It’s hard to find people with similar tastes, but I am open in discussion and different preferences.
I enjoy metal, melodic death metal, black metal, bands like manowar, sodom, many many others, thematology of war, epic, symphonic, majestic.
I play guitar, piano, keyboards.
Seriousness, creativity, hard work.
Let’s exchange our favorite songs, let’s talk about how we would like to sound and what emotions our music would like to create.
Let’s discuss, hope something good will come up.

Comments ( 3 )

  1. I’d be up for htis. I’m a vocalist who would be up for something for sure.
    Drummers are the hard part to find 😉 But sure we can get something going?

  2. We are looking for a additional guitarist. We are traditional doom with influences from Candlemass,black sabbath and Manowar with an epic fantasy theme.

  3. We are a melodic metal/metal band currently recording tracks for our debut album which we intend to independently release later this year.
    We need a permanent drummer with double bass skills and very competent with good ideas to add to new songs.
    There is no age limit just ability and a bloody good sense of humor. Good gear trandport is assential. Also might be a slot coming up for a place in our metal/hard rock covers band.

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