I’m a 22-year old vocalist looking for a SERIOUS band.


I’m mainly a screamer but also able to sing.


Bands I’m in to are bands like Architects, Beartooth, Of mice and men, Bring me the horizon, A day to remember, Slipknot, Asking Alexandria, Suicide Silence, Emmure, etc.


I’m looking for a band around my age ready to put down alot of time rehearsing/gigging.


Can do pretty much any screams except the really high ones (mitch lucker for example).


I’m very open to experimenting with different stuff, got most stuff needed¬†for full recordings (pod farm, ssd and some hardware) so we can start with that right away!


I also write instrumental stuff (been playing bass and guitar since I was like 12) so I’d be able to help with that stuff too.


So if you got a band/wanna start a band or wanna hear me do any songs just send a message!

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