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Musicians wanted – eclectic project

I’d be happy to play with people of any background and gender, as long as they are focused, willing to work hard, and proud of the art that we will create.
Any instrument is welcome, as long as it comes with ideas and commitment.

I’m a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. I’ve been studying jazz piano and singing since when I was 14, I can play drums, guitar, and lately I have been practising Chinese traditional instruments, such as Beijin-style erhu violin and the hulusi.
My music is characterised by deep lyrics (of which I am very proud), an essential structure, and a mix of acoustic and electronic instruments. I am in love with sounds, and such passion brings me to explore whistles and distorted notes while singing. I can sing in traditional Mongolian throat singing (a thing for Asia? Maybe, but I like to think that it’s all about the sounds).
I am very professional and punctual, and with great ambitions. Listen to some of my music here: everything has been written, performed, and recorded by me. You can contact me at the following email address/number.

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