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Old looking drummer wanted

Looking for a drummer, familiar with 1970’s styles , must look quite old. good conditions for multiple shows. PM me your profiles and how to contact the drummer !
or email:

Comments ( 8 )

  1. Kris Kaczor

    Fred and Win,

    Yesterday, 30th of August I have received refund of my travel expenses.

    Thank you and best of luck,


  2. Payment was made wednesday, as discussed and agreed.

  3. Kris Kaczor


    You say, “We paid flights (for the wife too) , Train (for the wife too)” but the truth is that I paid for tickets and have not received money yet as of today 20 days after the show. That is all it is. Contract is contract.

  4. The gig in no longer available.

    Kris, Check your email.

  5. Kris Kaczor

    Beware Folks!!! behind this add are two companies, which have logistical problems and also do not like to pay money as per signed contract. If you would like more information go to my private.

    • Ok let’s see: I hired a drummer for one show. We paid flights (for the wife too) , Train (for the wife too), 4 star hotel (for the wife too, 3 days), paid a decent fee, Kris had a pickup from the train and a return to the airport about 2 hours away, wellness spring was included for the wife , catering for the duration of the stay. We got surprised with extra costs for the hotel, so we deducted that. While the promoter was in vacation and meanwhile also doing regular work, his payment arrived later than was foreseen, this was all discussed and I quote “no problem” unquote. Travel expenses: around €560 , Hotel stay around €800 , catering around €100 , fee €200. He needed no backline, the only logistical problem was we only had a SUV available for transport. Which was no inconvenience for the musicians, everyone got -well in time- where they needed to be. even if that would be a 700 meter walk to a restaurant. Then Tuesday I receive an email his expenses weren’t in his account yet, well , it was discussed and agreed on to have it wired the first possibility promoter was near his computer , which was Wednesday. then this morning Kris decides to write a warning here. On total where we paid around €1700 (not just for the drummer) but also to give something extra as it was all in a few weeks time. I hardly think Kris was treated unfairly or paid less than he was contracted. And no invoice needed from him. (all email can be posted here, contract as well, all detailed invoices , we have no secrets) Meanwhile it created an option for Kris to join a quite bigger project , but apparently complaining here like a moron, is more important than playing your cards right. No need to say this project will pass definitely on Kris. At least when you hire him for the job , his playing may be okay, but anyone here in for a backstabbing drummer? if so please respond to his add here. If you are interested I can pass you his details. On a personal note: Kris, you did fine on the gig but man….if you agree to the one who’s is paying you and you start complaining to the one who hired you , for no reason, you can expect to be stung. You might consider sending Fred an apology, I do not know if he will accept, as things could get you in a weird legal thing for stating the above. I am the only one standing between that because I still feel you deserve credit for the gig. But with last weeks emails and now this , if you were a cat , you just used up all your 9 lives. I could also take this much further , but I’m not that kind of person, only then when a person pushes me to be. It’s your call how you want to end this. we’ve dealt with this type of musician many times in the past 25 years . Shit like this always comes back to haunt you. Music never forgets. Your call….

  6. Just e mailed you

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