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Post-Hardcore/Metal Project – Vocalist – Project Based

Hi guys,

Just reaching out to any vocalists, I have written a batch of tracks during lockdown. And during these times have formed a ‘band’ (as an bassist and drummer has recently joined). With the main intention to create an online project.

The musical influences are mainly Devil Sold His Soul, The Elijah, Etc

Please see the link below of an EP that I’ve written to an very old EP:

(Had a friend that sang on these tracks, but he’s not involved in the project).

I have links for the new demos, will provide upon request.

Just abit of background:

I was a drummer in an djent band and stopped playing for 4 years now (band was called Hands Of A Saviour). But have always been writing and producing music in my spare time, I have a home set up to record and write.

Main requirements to I’m looking for:

– Able to record at home
– Creating lyrics and melodies
– Can sing cleans/screams
– Reasonable turn around in terms of providing back recordings.

If you have any questions, or are interested. Get in touch!

Thanks for reading this!


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