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For Christian CLASSIC Progressive/Rock/ Metal Fusion: Project “HYPERMANIA”, (ex name & Arena/Marillion connection).

For 1st ALBUM RECORDING ” BACK TO THE WILDERNESS” Part 1 in EPIC 3 Album BIBLICAL concept based on Old & New Testament & End Of Days (Book of Revelation) Themes. 

Drums Style: Classic Melodic Rock/Prog/Metal fusion:

Band Influences:
Dream Theater, Iron Maiden, Marillion, Stryper, Uriah Heep, Kansas, Judas Priest, Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds (Moody Blues), Mike Oldfield, Pillar, Rush, Genesis, Pink Floyd,Skillet, Jesus Christ Superstar Music Score, Brian (Head) Welch (Korn/Love & Death), Metallica, Michael Card, Megadeth, Death, The Who, Yes, Saga and many more Classic Rock, Popular Rock, Acoustic Rock& Gospel/Worship influenced artistes:

DRUMMER Influences:
Neil Peart (Rush), Phil Collins (Genesis), Ian Paice (Deep Purple), Cozy Powell, Simon Phillips, Stuart Copeland (Police), Carl Palmer (ELP), Tommy Aldridge, Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater), Scott Travis (Judas Priest), Lars Ulrich Metallica). Bill Bruford (Yes, UK).

The main compositional body of material written for the album is formulated: the Bass, Drums, Keyboards. We have begun with some Vocals, Guitars & Bass guitar recordings down already which we have done recently, but plenty of creative scope for Drum parts to replicate, re-work or re-write where needed/agreed & Bass Guitar too as part of rhythm section, so plenty of work to do for the right person to get their teeth into & plenty of room for creative “Self Expression”. We are planning to do video shoots, photo shoots, live work when line up complete & have Record label/Distributers & several interested companies ready to offer deals if material connects!! So genuine interest & contacts are there: home & abroad when album complete.

Some members of the band have worked with current & former members of Marillion, Asia, GTR, Bronze, Arena, Fish. Pendragon, 2 AM, Michael Schencker, The Quest etc.

We are looking for Born Again & or true Bible believing Christians with a Professional Minded/Dedicated & Reliable approach & available musicians who can commit a fair degree of negotiated time to commit & time to input into the project for recording studio & rehearsals at present (at least 1/2 days/or evenings a week to begin with!!)

PLEASE if you play music as more on a part time basis or as a hobby or past time? THIS PROJECT IS PROBABLY NOT FOR YOU. But whatever your aims/ambitions always enjoy it with JESUS at the centre of your heart, playing & the music. Friendship & GSOH always welcome though!!

If Interested Please contact John by e-mail on e-mail address:  or 

Call John: Mobile: 07906872460

Call Julie/John: Landline: 0151 291 6075

Thank you for your Interest, SHALOM & May God Bless You Always & Abundantly in Jesus Christ’s Mighty, Beautiful & Wonderful name 

LOVE & PEACE – JC Proverbs-Music

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  1. In reading this ad I am very interested and would like to know more about this project. Where are you located. Blessings. Luis

    • Hi Luis shalom,

      My sincerest & deepest apologies to you Luis as I know this reply message to you from me is way, way ,way out of date from April of last year, but I never knew that anyone had answered this advert because I left follow up contact information which I thought I would receive replies on 2 of my personalised e-mail addresses supplies that I use!! which obviously I didn’t & get your reply?? & I though I had submitted a mobile phone number to be contacted on & for me to contact interested people back.

      This is the first time I have been back on this site since early 2015 not knowing I had a reply? & not knowing the details to contact me over this advert were not being used.

      Please Luis if you are still free & looking for a Christian or Band project let me know on these e-mail addresses: or

      my mobile number is : 07906872460 if you wish to txt or phone.

      The position of the Lead Guitarist has become vacant again recently & we are still looking to fill the post, I hope it’s not too late for you & if God has his hand on our musical ministry & spiritual destiny paths this may be a divine encounter meant to be by the Lord .

      As I said this is the first time I have been back on this website since early 2015 so I shocked & disappointed that I didn’t know anything & wasn’t about your reply at all at the time.

      By the way I am based in Liverpool, but do not let the distance put you off if you are still available & interested?!! I am sure we can work something out travel wise & I have the room to accommodate people if they need somewhere to stay while recording/rehearsing ect!!

      Please let me know if you get this reply & if you are still free & interested in the project?
      You can contact me on the personal e-mails or mobile phone number given above.

      God Bless You in Yahweh, Yeshua Hamashiach & the Holy Spirit

      Love & Peace in Jesus Christ’s precious name

      John Carson

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