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Re-forming Soul/Party Band West Midlands

Soul/Party band reforming is looking for an experienced keyboard player,lead guitar, lead vocalist and drummer. Commitment, dedication, own gear and transport essential. By audition only message for further details.

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  1. Hi i am very interested in your advert I am 27 years of age, single & have a passion for performing live music and have no family ties so would be committed totally to your band. At present i am looking for a new project but below is a brief bio of my musical past.
    I have been playing the drums since the age of 5, having had lessons off a professional drum coach for the first 7 years.
    I have also mastered, & performed, many of the various drumming styles over the years.
    I started seriously performing live from the age of around 12 where I played drums for a local band, playing in pubs & clubs around Warwickshire.
    This lead to my first “major” gig, at 16 years of age, supporting “Pinkertons Assorted Colours” at a local event in front of a couple of thousand people.
    During my time at college, I started visiting & getting involved with a recording studio in Northampton where I met an extremely talented singer/songwriter/guitarist by the name of Danny Connors. It was during this time that his band was invited to play support to Paul Weller on his 2009 UK tour. At the last minute, the bands regular drummer had to pull out, so Danny asked me to step in. After a couple of hours rehearsal, we turned up at the Cardiff International Arena, walked out on stage in front of several thousand people & the rest, as they say, is history!
    After this, I went on to join a band from Rugby playing a mixture of original & cover songs.
    My next venture was to co-form a band with a couple of talented musicians from Northamptonshire. This band also involved a female singer, performing a mixture of covers & originals in a progressive rock/folk style with a touch of blues!
    We enjoyed extremely good reviews & played various concerts throughout Warwickshire, Northamptonshire & the Midlands, producing a studio recorded CD of original songs along the way.
    This was an extremely enjoyable venture which, unfortunately ended when 3 of the band members went to university.
    After this, I decided to look for a professional band performing regular functions & various styles of music.
    I joined “The Tracey Matthews Band” in 2012. Tracey is a locally recognised singer, performing throughout the UK at various functions & she decided to form her own band to support her.Whilst playing with her we won a competition to support Boyzone in Northampton.
    Along side this, I also performed with another local band performing Classic Rock covers! This is a fun project which includes an incredible but extrovert lead guitarist!
    As you will have seen from my varied musical experiences, I have performed to both small & large audiences & I will say in all honesty, I am as passionate playing to 10 people as to 10,000.
    My ambition is to perform on a regular basis & to, ultimately, earn a living from playing the drums.

    I look forward to hearing from you.


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