We are a rock band looking for a drummer. Our lineup is 2 guitars, singer and bass. We are in the middle of the recording process of an EP and doing this with session drummers, but we’d like to find the missing piece. Next month we may be recording some videos as well, putting together a website and start gigging.

Despite we’re not professional musicians we all know what we’re doing and are old enough to know what we want (30s ish), so we don’t want to waste our time or anybody’s, so we’d appreciate if you could send some samples/links of your playing just to have an idea.

As you may imagine there’s no money involved at the moment, but we are really into this and are decided to try to make a living with it if possible as we love the music.

At the moment we’re trying to rehearse once a week on weekdays generally 7-10 at Mill Hill or Holloway Rd.

If you’re interested drop me a line and I’ll send you couple of songs already mixed for the EP.

You can also check airstriponeband at soundcloud, that’s a project in which most of us were involved a few years ago. We plan to get couple of songs from there as well.